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3 DIY Emergency Lights Every Survivalist Needs to Know How to Make


Light. We take it for granted, don’t we? After all, if we need light, we just flip a switch, and we have all that we desire. Go out during the day, most days, and there is plenty of natural visibility. But typical situations are not what survival preppers plan for. And that means learning to make do with whatever is at hand to provide the answer to a particular problem.

If the power grid goes down or there is some type of environmental disaster which affects daytime visibility, you may need to create an emergency light in an unprepared situation. Those are just 2 examples of why you may need to light your way if your situation goes from light to dark in a hurry. There are any number of occurrences which could produce the need for illumination as mentioned in the emergency lighting guide at

And yeah, we know. You saw “emergency light” in the headline of this story, and your mind instantly and unconsciously thought of things like flashlights and candles. Those are excellent light sources in an emergency, and should already be a part of your disaster survival plan. But as you know, things do not always turn out like you want them to.

So you need to know how to make emergency lights out of common items. Let’s take a look at 3 emergency light-making skills you absolutely must have in your back pocket to prepare for TEOTWAWKI.

Sardine lantern

Sardines are yummy (at least to me). They are an extremely high source of protein and essential fatty acids, although they do not provide very many calories. And they can make an emergency light source in a pinch. Oil lamps have been around for several hundred years. And when you stock sardines packed in olive oil in your emergency food pantry, you extend the versatility of these salty treats.

After eating your sardines, place a piece of natural fiber into the oil that remains. This emergency light “wick” can be made from any string, taken from a mop head or some other source. Once your wick is fully soaked, just light the end. A standard sardine can will provide illumination for several hours.

Burning bacon

What’s that you say? Bacon is one of the 4 essential food groups? Yes, we could not agree more. Just saying the word bacon makes me hungry. Every time you cook bacon, save the grease. Store it in a glass container. Stick a natural fiber wick in hardened bacon grease, and you have a burning bacon candle. And the smell is absolutely awesome.

Crackling crayons

You should always keep toys and games in mind for your emergency plans. Whether you think you will have children in your survival party or not, go out right now and buy some crayons. Crayons are slowly flammable, because a crayon is basically just colored wax. Standing vertically, a burning crayon will provide light for about 30 minutes. Talk about coloring outside of the lines of normalcy. Store extra crayons if you have kids in your party, so Little Susie doesn’t throw a hissy fit when you start igniting her Crayolas.

Your Overall Guide to enjoy your Massage


There are A LOT of back rub specialists out there, and the quest for a decent one is most likely overpowering. Back rub is an enormous speculation and the cash you put into it can truly pay off over the long haul on the off chance that you discover a talented back rub advisor. The following are a few tips to help you slender down your quest for an advisor who addresses your needs.

•Find an independently employed Massage Therapy specialist; they have a considerable measure riding on their name, dissimilar to specialists at huge spas. Spa advisor are generally paid little and anticipated that would work a full 6-8 hour day with 15 moment breaks between back rubs, or possibly less. That being said, they tend to not put as much remedial work into it so as to spare their hands. Additionally, their gathering of people has a tendency to appear as something else, so their sessions are more equipped towards unwinding. (Kindly note that this is no thump on spa advisors. Back rub is diligent work, and we can just give such a great amount in a day!)

•Use Yelp! on the other hand Google Places page to discover what other individuals are stating. Perused audits (counting the sifted ones which can be found at the base of their Yelp page) to see who is getting positive criticism. Don’t be terrified in case you’re loving the audits you read, then run over a couple awful ones. Sincerely, there are some individuals who simply aren’t removed to be back rub customers and they accuse the advisor… Obviously, take after your gut on whether that is the situation for a certain specialist.

•Ask about their systems. Listen for decisive words and expressions that strike your extravagant.

•Find out how long of experience they have, yet don’t let that be a major issue or even an arrangement creator. As a rule, advisors straight out of school have some experience and instinct to pick up, however they are likewise crisp on life systems and their methods. Advisors with numerous years of experience can truly go in any case… They either know their stuff and how to utilize their body appropriately to stay away from damage or they put next to no into their back rub because of wear out and concentrate singularly on unwinding.



Portfolio-orange county pool cleaning services


Portfolio-orange county pool cleaning services

Choosing the design of your new pool can be so stressful, or even worse choosing anew look pool, all these decisions can be overwhelming. But not when you have orange county pool cleaning services. With services tailored to suit you and ensure your life is stress free we engage in developing new designs, making adjustments to your old pool and providing state of the art cleaning service which is well suited for the customer niche we serve our specialized staff ensure that we offer these tailor made services professionally and with the precision as required by our client. Our deep commitment to our clients is deep rooted in the over 20 years we have been in operation.

We strive to build good customer relations through our comprehensive after sales service targeted to ensure the satisfaction of our customer base.

We do the following.

Building of new swimming pools

Orange county pool cleaning services engage in several constructions of new swimming pools. In the past 20 years we have built partnerships with the several reliable companies making our services the best in Orange County. Through these partnerships, we ensure the delivery and the completion of all pool construction projects within the stipulated time frame .we construct state of the art modern swimming pools depending on the compound size and ensure that our client demands are put first in the planning, design and execution of all construction projects.

We undertake pool and spa repairs

Orange county pool cleaning services are engaged in various projects involving pool repairs. Through this ,we always undertake to give you pool a new face lift .we also engaged in general fittings and upgrade of swimming pool facilities like lighting ,and other piping services making the pool use exiting .

We engage in relocation of spa

Orange county pool cleaning services are engaged in providing spa relocation services to our clients.

Our core business model is pool cleaning

With the expertise gained over the years, orange county pool cleaning services are engaged in providing quality pool cleaning services to our clients. Our staff will ensure that your pool is clean for your use.

Call orange county pool cleaning services and try us out


X-ray attenuation, the pinnacle of radiography


X-ray attenuation, the pinnacle of radiography

The use of x ray is surely the most widespread however; its use is mostly based on some theories which border on the manner the imaging is done. One of such is the attenuation .Attenuation is the reduction in intensity of an x-ray beam as it passes through an object due to the absorption and scattering of photons.

The amount of attenuation that occurs depends on the intensity of the original x-ray beam and the physical properties of the object through which the x-ray beam passes. The use of the x-rays is based on the use of the photons. This photon is usually formed due to an interaction with the nucleus in the atom. This is usually done using the x ray tube.

The x-ray tube is the most important component part because it has high energy x-ray equipment with radioactive elements. These include radium and random some are usually produced using the artificial method like the cobalt and iridium-192.the electromagnetic radiation consists of an oscillating electric and magnetic fields. In the current medical practice, the use of the radium and radon are no longer considered to be not useful. This is because of their radio toxicity and thus the artificial ones are found to be better.

The use of the electromagnetic radiation is found to be most useful to the radiography because of it’s use of the combination of both gamma and x-rays.the energy and the scope makes the x-ray  more useful, with its energy able to penetrate the tissue more effectively.

The attenuation has helped in the manner in which the brain treatment and diagnosis is done in the present medical field. The most widely used is the non uniform types especially in the brain SPECT to determine the regional cerebral blood flow. Imaging. Research is all showing that that the uniform arttenuation can be used in the areas of dementia

X ray therefore has evolved and the uses of new varied methods are coming up. It is going to be in use for a long period to come. Though it may not be that safe but there are more modifications to be done as time goes.

Why radiographer


Why radiographer

With the mere advancement in the scientific clinical field, the role of radiography has in fact become integrated into the regular medicine. A radiographer’s role is challenging, rewarding and highly skilled. Radiographers become part of a vital group of medical professionals with specialist training and highly developed skills.

There is significant patient contact and a radiographer plays an important part in improving patient outcomes and experiences. The profession offers excellent career prospects with qualified staff in high demand. There are many benefits in becoming a radiographer such as:

It gives one the opportunity to work in a diverse range of specialist areas, e.g. computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine and angiography which are found to quite engaging in terms of academic and other developmental faculties.

It is an opportunity for an individual to be using cutting edge technology in the course of their work.

The field of radiographer is an engaging academic field and offers the individual an on-going training .radiographers are found to be constantly improving their knowledge and skills.

The opportunity to have great travelling opportunities, this is because radiographers are in high demand both nationally and internationally. The few in the field are engaged in so many areas and must move to those areas daily.

This is a financially rewarding career-radiography is an important employment sector and those in the area are found to get immense benefits. This has attracted many young people into joining the profession.

It is an excellent job with good prospects in a highly skilled and rewarding area. The remuneration in the area apart from the mere satisfaction of having helped someone is quite a good feeling.

The radiographer is engaged in a flexible working arrangement. This can be either full-time, part-time. This is the most important element in the work of the radiographer. The flexibility gives the radiographer gets the opportunity to do other things beneficial to his career and family. This means that the images can now be viewed seconds after being taken. However the case, it is the quality of the work that makes the difference.

All the opportunities in the radiography field are an important element in the motivation of the radiographers. This makes the field worth the attention.


Preparing for aerial yoga classes


Preparation is must before going to anywhere. If you are going somewhere and when it is to attend aerial yoga classes in Houston and where you have to perform then there must be some rules and regulations. Dressing sense, accessories and postures must be according to the rules. Wear the shirts that are full sleeves or can cover you under arms specially if you have sensitive skin. For women sports bra are recommended.  Avoid very baggy clothing and loose shirts. Don’t wear any jewelry or fancy accessories because it could stuck in the fabric and can injure you. Make your toes and fingers smooth trim your nails. They should not be pointed because they can injured your mates. Make your feet smooth so that it will not stuck in fabric.

images (1)

Opaque leggings are best to wear. Stretchy leggings are good option if your legs are thin. Bring sweat shirt or large towel with you until you are used to the fabric. Tight capris are also recommended. It’s better to choose clothing according to your flexibility, fitness and body type. You can wear sticky gloves to make your grip strong but don’t wear socks it will be slippery and during performance can make you injured. Aerial yoga Houston is professional with well trained instructors or trainers. They will guide you about your clothes and way of handling. For practicing you can purchase your own hammock and can practice at home. Anti gravity technique is the original technique for aerial yoga. While practice you’ll be like cocooned in silk supported fabric. But before attending any classes don’t apply sun screen or lotion. It’s not necessary but you can bring yoga mat. Before aerial yoga you can eat and drink but acidic drinks are not allowed. Don’t use heavy perfumes, it will be irritating to the person next to you doing aerial yoga. If you have any injuries then inform to your trainer and with the advice of your health advisor, start the yoga in a safe way. After sometime you will feel yourself taller because of the stretching in yoga class. Use cotton fabric to wear. It’s kind of a mind body work out. It will remove stress from your spine.


Importance of tissue pathology


Importance of tissue pathology

With the developments in the area of diagnosis, the area of tissue pathology has really helped in the area of simplifying the manner in which certain disease can really hibernate. The tissue pathology can analyze the deep rooted causes of certain disease. The tissue pathology has been found to be important because;

The area of reagnants required-the use of reagents is one area where the pathologist uses some coloration to be able to see clearly under the electron microscope. The advantage with tissue pathology is that only a very small amount of reagent is usually required to be able to give a clear analysis. Most reagents needed by the pathologist for their uses are some of the commonly available chemicals which are not hard to get. For instance, formalin is reagent needed by most pathologists and is usually readily available even in drug supply stores.

Flexibility-the area of tissue pathology is so flexible because it gives the opportunity for the said analyzed tissue to be taken back into the patient’s body without any problems. The tissue pathology usually ensues that the tissues used in the biopsies are left to be as natural and fresh state as possible. This can also facilitate future diagnostic processes even if the other part f the said tissue biopsy has been returned.

Uniformity-the manner of tissue treatment in tissue pathology is uniform. The samples are usually divided into the different samples which receive the same manner of treatment. For instance, forensic pathologists sometimes use certain chemicals to treat certain sample tissues. These help in giving the tissue stains required for the most up to date analysis within the laboratory setup. Each tissue sample is cured with the same stains which gives the distinct color for that group of tissue. The several types of slide used here are usually helpful in giving the pathologist a clear picture and the differences in concentrations are an important element in the identity of the different tissues.

Pathology is an important element in the course diagnosis. It is, in fact, among the common forms of diagnosis. Though there are some challenges, tissue pathology is the best form of the diagnostic processes


Benefits of radiography


Benefits of radiography

While the debate on the potential benefits in the medical field has been lingering for quite some time, there has been noted to be quite substantial beneficial; benefits to the use of the radiography as a method of disease detection and treatment.

The modern science has bestowed the benefits to radiography to include;

      Efficiency- while the diagnostic processes can in some cases appear to be slow and the results can seem to take long to arrive, the radiographic films are found to be effective and fast in the delivery of the much needed patient diagnosis. This has in a way helped in the reduction of the long visits to physicians for diagnosis.

      The use of radiography is a trusted way in the area of diagnostics and treatment of several endemic cases which could have hitherto defeated the regular medical practice. The images are usually clearly embossed and make the work of analysis quite simple. The radiographic pictures are usually clear and can give the doctor better understanding of the ailment.

      It is simple –the use of X -ray is one of the simplest ways ever in science for the treatment and disease diagnosis. The simplicity has made the use of the radiographic methods such a popular way in most hospitals globally.

      The use of radiography is inexpensive-compared to other methods of diagnosis; the use of the radiotherapy has been seen as in expensive. This is because it has drastically reduced the amount of patient visit to the physician.

      It is used for several pathological examinations-the use of the radiographic scans cannot be assumed as they are important in the treatment of several ailments in the chiropractic field. For instance, the chiropractors are found to exploit it in determining the level of the alignment required. It has been noted to help in the spinal adjustment analysis thus making the process of adjustment simpler.

When the radiographic imaging is done in moderation can have very minimal effects on the patient. This if done within the limits cannot have the adverse side effects that are usually glossed upon. So the user can go ahead and do it.


What are some of the risks?


What are some of the risks?

The areas of medical practice are associated with a lot of risks. Such are in the area of emergency medical technician. Given the fact that these are the first people in areas of emergency, the technicians are exposed to several diverse risks. These risks include;

Traumatic cases-the exposure to so much painful cases has made the emergency medical technicians to a lot of trauma. This trauma has manifested itself in the high cases of the emergency medical technicians being affected with diverse psychiatric cases. The technicians handle several accident cases which has not made it any better to improve the psychological effect on the emergency technicians.

Risk of disease-the exposure and the case of response to the several cases of injury and accidents has exposed the emergency medical technicians to diverse cases of infections. These infections can be found to be very fatal at times. For instance, the emergency medical technicians were affected during the recent Ebola crisis in Africa. The Ebola which is a contagious disease is found to easily spread through some of the slightest contact with the infected patient. These cases led to some of the technicians dying instead of helping the patients recover.

Risk of violence-the risk of violence on the emergency medical technicians is real. This is caused by the manner the emergency medical technicians are expected to respond swiftly to the cases of injury. The injury not specified may be due to the several cases of domestic violence. Others may be arising from some traumatic experiences which have led to the technicians being attacked in the first instance.

Risk on the social welfare-the task of an emergency medical technician is quite demanding. This has in most cases made the technicians be socially isolated individuals whose world revolves around the several accident and injury spots. The social factor causes a lot of family breakups in most parts of the world.

The several diverse cases of risks are for real. There are other benefits which run above the exposures. This is an area to venture into for anyone to who is planning top go into the medical practice especially the students.

Finding your boat with a bimini top


Boat owners who have spent any amount of time on the water can tell you that having a bimini top on an open hulled boat can really improve your overall experience. Just a small cover can help protect boaters from sun, wind, rain, hail and any number of discomforts. Bimini tops have the added advantage of being easy to put up and take down as needed, so it isn’t a permanent change to the vessel, just an improvement that can be utilized when needed. Read on for several considerations when looking at purchasing bimini tops for your boat.

Choose the right size

To choose the right sized bimini top, you must take several measurements to be sure to get the perfect fit. Some vendors sell a “stock” sized bimini top for many makes and models. Before purchasing one of these, always check to be sure that the size will cover the area you want to cover with your bimini and also be sure that the mounting points in the stock kit will work on your vessel, especially if you have made other additions to the boat.

download (4)

Regardless of the manufacturer, begin by determining what size area you want the bimini to cover and take those measurements. Next, look carefully at your boat to determine where it makes the most sense to mount the bimini top. This can be somewhat tricky on some boats and if you’re unsure, a leisurely stroll through the marina to look at other boaters’ work can help resolve many of those questions.

Once mounting points have been determined, measure the width of the area to be covered.  Finally, measure the height from the mountain point to the height you want the bimini to sit.  You now have the three necessary measurements to select the right top for your boat.

Select the best material

Selecting the best material is critical because it can determine the lifespan of your bimini top and no two situations will call for the exact same material. Some of the least expensive bimini tops are made of cotton duck. These look nice right out of the box, but often degrade rapidly in sun and saltwater environments. Vinyl coated fabric tops are another inexpensive option and are very popular because water runs off them and they are easy to keep clean, but they tend to look cheap and also break down quickly in heavy UV.

A sturdy and nice looking option is acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella, which was developed to be resistant to UV rays, not fade and look nice for years. Sunbrella bimini tops retain their waterproofing for a long time and can be easily retreated to be waterproofed again. They are more expensive, but look much nicer and last much longer.

Examine for sturdy construction

After choosing size and material, inspect the bimini top to be sure it can withstand the elements and being open while the boat is underway. You will want to choose a bimini with stainless steel fittings to ensure a long lifespan. Steer clear of bimini tops that have plastic eye straps or wire hooks as it takes very little wind or stress to break them.


Take care of your bimini top, the frame and all fittings with a mild soap and fresh water cleaning after every use and always storing it away from the elements when it is not in use. Choosing the best bimini top for your application and taking care of it will ensure a long, happy life of the bimini top to go with your boat.