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What are the adverse effects of computed tomography?


What are the adverse effects of computed tomography?

The world over, it has never been al roses. Every good thing has been found to have the opposite of the good. And that has not left the use of the computed tomography out. The method of detection however; the praise it has attracted has also been known to have its own share of weaknesses.

These weaknesses may have some adverse effects abs they include the following:

      Its use requires breath holding which some patients cannot manage. As a result, the patients are found to expose themselves further. The recent indications of overuse in most facilities have not made this better because it has become so common and associated with flaws which can be avoided

      The use of computed tomography scans of the brain can be affected by bone nearby. This has always impeded its successful use. Most practitioners have run to its sister practice the ultra sound which has been found to be quite effective.

      High doses of radiation are involved in scanning – chest scan is equivalent to 350 chest X-rays and the   abdomen to 400 chest X-rays and pulmonary angiography 750 chest X-rays. This has in effect been found to be quite counterproductive. The high incidences of brain perfusion has been associated with the dosage of the x-ray radiations.However, if the doses are normal, its benefits supersede the effects.

      There is also a risk of childhood cancer and leukemia in mothers who have imaging during pregnancy. In the case of children, early exposures have indicated that the x-ray kills the body cells increasing the incidences of cancer on the cells of younger children. The age is quite significant in the cancer prevalence because the younger you are the riskier it is. This is the reason why exposure of the fetuses to the x-ray is not recommended. However, some of the studies are small and difficult to interpret due to confounding factors. The use of imaging to aid potentially fatal conditions during pregnancy should not be withheld.

As can be seen, the use of computed tomography is as beneficial at its risks may be. While it is used for the detection and treatment of cancer, be warned that you fall the risk of increasing its incidences, now you know.


Traits of a good family doctor


In our life there’s a period that people feel helpless in that people badly needed an aid from the person or perhaps a professional individual. Which people allow us to restore our control on the body and render help until we become independent again? Sickness isn’t any dissimilar to that. If we are sick, certainly we’re helpless. We seek the aid of our relatives especially, the assistance of our doctor.

A physician is frequently the first person that an ill person will approach. You should note some professional traits that she or he must possess in to be of worth to the sick.

Accepting and Compassionate. In to gain the trust of the patient, he or she must understand the current condition of this person no matter its state of mind. Remember, sick people find themselves to be helpless as well as your sympathy will inform them that you simply recognize them. In return, you’ll be in a position to establish rapport that will be useful for the accurate assessment of the client.

Confident and Knowledgeable. A family medicine NYC doctor have to know everything about his profession. He should identify the exact strategy he’d be taking in compliance to the condition of the patient. He or she must also are in position to his decision and be confident with. Also as being a family medicine NYC doctor, he or she must have modified to make use of past family health background. Because, it will likewise be useful to the proper diagnosis of the disease. These traits are essential to ensure that the patient will trust the doctor making the treatment more efficient.

A yearly physical falls under the group of preventative medicine and it is generally included in most insurance providers at 100%. The limit about this coverage is generally that the physical are only able to happen once in each year. This includes for women a yearly pap smear as well as a mammogram. Regrettably, a lot of women are requested to possess several mammograms each year if the physician sees something with a picture of concern, after which individuals subsequent mammograms aren’t needed to be covered with insurance.

Certainly, you will find more traits that the family medicine NYC doctor must possess but the above are the most significant. Since these characteristics are frequently accustomed to gain having faith in relationship with the patient. And remember that in our sickness there’s a doctor that can help us out with it.

What are the basic competencies of a surgical technician?


What are the basic competencies of a surgical technician?

Every profession has some of the most basic requirements important for the practice of the profession. The competencies are in most cases based on both educational and other known physical characteristics. The surgical technicians are not left behind. The competencies necessary for the surgical technicians include;

  • Good motor skills-Surgical technologists need the physical dexterity to handle instruments quickly. This is because the work is in most cases required to be done within a certain given period. They must also not be people who have instability in the muscles, for instance shaking hands simply because they may help in holding areas requiring stability.
  • Mental and emotional health-They also must be conscientious, orderly and are emotionally stable to handle the demands of the operating room environment. In some circumstance, the work environment requires a lot of perseverance because what the technician observes can make one to shy away. They must always be people who can use good judgment to be able to know what to do at what time.
  • Ready and responsive-Technologists must respond quickly and know the procedures well enough to have instruments ready for surgeons without having to be told. Because they are the ones who prepare the surgical room, they must ensure nothing lacks in the process.
  • Well educated and informed-the surgical technicians must further their training to acquire the new ideas in the field. They are expected to keep abreast of new developments in the field to avoid committing careless mistakes in the course of the surgery.
  • good interpersonal relations-a surgical technician is expected to have the spirit of team work .This is because mops surgeries arte done within a team .the ability to interact gives the technician the opportunity to create good will within a team.

    Apart from these, the surgical technicians are required to have physical strength, their eye -hand coordination must be good enough with good eyesight, they also need critical thinking skills, concentration and in addition memorization and sequencing.

These competencies are found to impact on the work of there technician in one way or the other. That is why; it is good if one tried getting the ones he doesn’t have.

Differences between sonographers and radiographers


Looking closely one cannot fail to notice the overly similarity of the sonographers and the radiographers. But the point is that these two professional fields carry out very distinct roles. The distinction in the roles can be best enumerated as below.

Safety-The difference between radiography and sonography, therefore, lies in the machines used to produce the medical images. One machine uses radiation to produce the images, while the other uses sound waves. The safety therefore is quite clear that the sonographic practice is safer in comparison to its counterpart.

Manner-Radiography technologists use ionizing radiation to produce images of the body. They produce these images to be examined by doctors who identify then diagnose patients with specific health conditions.


Radiography consists of x-rays, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and other imaging methods. Extensive Training for radiography is needed to obtain a position in this field as the use of radiation can cause serious damage to the body if not properly administered.


In contrast, Sonography is a method of medical image production that does not use radiation to produce images. Instead, sonography uses ultrasound technology, which produces sound waves that bounce off the cavities of the body to create images. Sonography and ultrasound are most often associated with check-ups in most case like the gynecologist who enable them to see the growing fetus.


In other circumstances, diagnostic medical sonographers use sonography to create images of the body for proper diagnosis of medical conditions by a physician. For example, an ultrasound might be used to examine the nervous system through the brain to help diagnose nerve disorders. 

Area of training-Because of the obvious difference in medical imaging technology used, the training and everyday duties of radiography technologists versus diagnostic medical sonographers vary greatly. Programs for each type of imaging focus on one particular imaging technology: either radiation or ultrasound.


The two professions as can be clearly seen are found to be quite distinct in the way they carry out their functions, it will require more to be done in each area to help in making the healthcare better because whatever the case, these are the backbones to proper diagnosis. Check it today!

Is Facial Plastic Surgery Right For You


Sometimes those that come out of a bad relationship or marriage are going to think something has to change with their appearance. They would like to change something to feel a lot better, or perhaps to entice the old friend or spouse back. While these sensations are easy to understand, they are bad reasons to experience facial plastic surgical treatment. If you intend to obtain an individual back, you absolutely really want to put this on hold up until you make sure you are doing this for your own. Face cosmetic surgery is severe business and also should never ever be taken lightly. Obtain a hair cut, color your hair, or drop weight are much safer ways to change your look.

Some would like to have surgical treatment given that there is something concerning their face that has bothered them from childhood on into their adult years. This is one of the much more usual reasons why people select this sort of surgery. Be exactly sure what you wish to do as well as why you are doing it. Is there merely a tiny bump on your nose that you do not prefer, or do you have a huge nose that has given your sorrow forever? If you choose to have plastic surgery or not, those are 2 very various things to figure out.

The best reason for cosmetic surgery would certainly be that you have what you consider a defect or maybe you have actually been in a mishap. Technically, that would certainly be taken into consideration for plastic surgery. More info can be found which was published by RPS Institute. Unlike the other sorts of plastic surgical procedures, this might be covered on your insurance policy though you ought to consistently research to be sure. These two factors are the healthiest needs to obtain something done, as well as a specialist could guarantee you are prepared to obtain this with a positive thoughts.

When you and also your physician are both certain that you are a great candidate, and you understand exactly what you wish and also if there are various other things that you might desire to do. Make sure you are confident with that doctor, and also ask to see instances of the before and after facial plastic surgical treatment so you are confortable that they are going to do an excellent task for you.

If you really want to get somebody back, you definitely wish to place this on hold till you are sure you are doing this for on your own and not for the person that left you behind. Some really want to have surgery due to the fact that there is something about their face that has troubled them from childhood on into adulthood. All of these things should be considered before having cosmetic surgery.