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Why the chiropractors are important in South Africa


Why the chiropractors are important in South Africa

The alternative medicine is an important segment of the African medical practice. In South Africa, it is not an exception that the South African chiropractic association has taken the queue in the development of the chiropractic medical practice.

With the economic levels in the African continent, the chiropractors provide the populations with an alternative treatment mode to be able to cut the cost of treatment especially of the disease and reducing cases of surgical tourism synonymous with the African continent. The alternative is important in giving the Africans the much needed alternative and thus cut on the costs of treatments.

With the level of injuries and accidents, the southern African chiropractics are the only hope in the face of the African continent of the alternative manipulative treatment. The southern African chiropractors apart from operating within their jurisdiction extend to other areas of Africa where they could be highly needed.

The chiropractors in South Africa are highly trained professionals recognized by the South African government. This professional field is a highly regulated area with the curriculum set by the South African chiropractic association. They help in reducing cases of invasive treatments and essentially encourage the use of alternative medical practices.

The chiropractors are in most cases involved in the correction of cases of spinal injury and in the treatment of the overall treatable diseases with the use of manipulative therapy. They are in m most cases helping in the reduction of cases of spinal stress, muscular and other related ailments.

The chiropractors in South Africa are an important lot considering the number and interest it has aroused in the recent past. They have been an integral part in promoting the healthy lifestyles in the South African population.

With the level of importance of the chiropractors in the society, the chiropractic association of south Africa has been essentially involved in the development of the relevant educational and ethical conduct which has essentially set them apart from the other fields where cases of misconduct is the order of the day. With these, the chiropractors are in fact an important lot in the southern African health sector.

Why computed tomography?


Why computed tomography?

Since the invention of x-rays, there could never be something which has occupied radiographers than the user of the computed tomography commonly referred to as (CT).This revolutionized the manner of diagnosis because it employs the use of the computer processed x-ray to be able to scan through object and sees through without the need for open surgeries.

The use of computed tomography has been so popular in the recent past, some of the areas where it has been used include;

It has helped speed up the Diagnosis of disease, trauma or abnormality within real time. The computed tomography is popular in the diagnosis involving some of the most delicate parts of the body for instance the lungs where it is commonly used to diagnose lung infections. The head injuries have also been one of the major beneficiaries of the computed tomography. However, the major area of its success has been the heart where it has really revolutionized the detection and treatment of disease involving the heat.

Helps the radiographer to Plan and guide interventional or therapeutic procedures where necessary. It has also been used in the normal surgical procedures involving the brain. Another area of success is the heart surgery where it has eliminated some form of open heart surgeries making the operation quicker and safer.

Helps in the Monitoring the effectiveness of therapy for instance cases of cancer treatment and other malignant forms like fibroids.

The method has been praised in the recent past as one of the most technologically savvy methods of disease treatment and diagnosis. For instance, the use of neuron imaging has been one of the successes of the technology in the recent past. However with some reports of some adverse effects, it has been the business of the association of the radiographers to be able to create some of the best practices conducive for both patients and the practitioners.

The developments in the area of computed tomography as a method of treatment and diagnosis could not have come at a better time when cases of malignant disease are on the rise. However more still needs to be done to avoid cases of adverse effects it may have.


Why acupuncturists are important in India


Why acupuncturists are important in India

India, despite the recent level of industrial growth is one of the places with the largest populations globally. With the economic situation, the Indian health sector is a luxury if one succeeds in accessing one of those congested Indian clinics.

The visit to the ever rising acupuncturist clinics has been noted to be one of the areas where the Indian health care provision has future in. The acupuncturists in India are therefore growing in number and popularity by the day. This new found awareness on the services of the acupuncturist can be attributed to several reasons. Key of these reasons includes;

The acupuncturist in general offer low cost healthcare which is like a mirage in most Indian towns and villages. The use of acupuncture to treat the several ailments at the same time has been found to be quite cost effective .the cost is an imperative factor given that the larger population of India is the low income bracket who cannot access the much needed health care services whose cost is in most cases high.

The accupant5urist usually give the humane face to the healthcare provision by providing treatment without the use of drugs, the acupuncturist is thus a revered member of the society. By not using the drugs, the patients are found to stay much healthier after the acupuncture. This is an important element in having a healthy and more productive population.

The acupuncturist clinics do not need heavy and expensive equipment, the use only the acupuncture needles which are even cheaper thus provide the Indian government with an alternative health service provision which requires little money to set up.

Acupuncture is used to treat several disease in one go giving the patient much relief instead of seeking treatment for the likely several disease. The use of acupuncture is thus like killing two birds with one stone.

Acupuncture in India seems to have a very bright future if the government could invest a little in the training of more acupuncturists and the allocation of funds to help in setting up better clinics which will improve the health access from the current levels.

Risks and Benefits of Massage Therapy


Back rub is no more accessible just through extravagance spas and upscale wellbeing clubs. Today, rub help is offered in organizations, centers, clinics and even air terminals. In the event that you’ve never attempted back rub, research its conceivable medical advantages and what’s in store amid a back rub treatment session.

What is back rub?

Massage Therapy is a general term for pressing, rubbing and controlling your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Rub specialists commonly utilize their hands and fingers for back rub, yet might likewise utilize their lower arms, elbows and even feet. Back rub may run from light stroking to profound weight.

There are numerous distinctive sorts of back rub, including these basic sorts:

Swedish knead. This is a delicate type of back rub that uses long strokes, massaging, profound round developments, vibration and tapping to help unwind and fortify you.

Profound back rub. This back rub strategy utilizes slower, more-strong strokes to focus on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, ordinarily to help with muscle harm from wounds.

Games knead. This is like Swedish back rub, yet its intended for individuals included in game exercises to help counteract or treat wounds.

Trigger point rub. This back rub concentrates on zones of tight muscle filaments that can structure in your muscles after wounds or abuse.

Profits of back rub

Back rub is by and large considered piece of integral and option prescription. It’s inexorably being offered alongside standard treatment for an extensive variety of medicinal conditions and circumstances.

Investigations of the profits of back rub exhibit that it is a viable treatment for lessening stretch, torment and muscle pressure.

While more research is required to affirm the profits of back rub, a few studies have discovered back rub might likewise be useful for:

• Nervousness

• Digestive issue

• Fibromyalgia

• Migraines

• Sleep deprivation identified with anxiety

• Myofascial agony disorder

• Paresthesias and nerve torment

• Delicate tissue strains or wounds

• Sports wounds

• Temporomandibular joint agony

Dangers of back rub

The vast majority can advantage from back rub. On the other hand, back rub may not be fitting on the off chance that you have:

• Draining issue or take blood-diminishing medicine

• Blazes, open or recuperating wounds

• Profound vein thrombosis

• Breaks

• Serious osteoporosis

• Serious thrombocytopenia

Examine the advantages and disadvantages of back rub with your specialist, particularly on the off chance that you are pregnant or have malignancy or unexplained agony.

A few manifestations of back rub can abandon you feeling a bit sore the following day. Yet rub shouldn’t normally be excruciating or uncomfortable. In the event that any piece of your back rub doesn’t feel right or is frightful, talk up immediately. Most genuine issues originate from an excessive amount of weight amid back rub.


Acupuncturist training requirements


Acupuncturist training requirements

The field of acupuncture still borrows alt on the Chinese philosophy thus the use of the oriental medicine as a yardstick to determine the requirements of training id s still common phenomena. The use of the Chinese herbal medicine is a precursor to the stringent areas of the training needs in acupuncture.

Acupuncture oriental; medical practice explores what in the Chinese called chi referred to as energy levels of an individual. The determination of the energy levels therefore is an act of wide scientific prowess only equaled to highly qualified acupuncturists.

Despite the above, acupuncturists are trained in general anatomy, physiology and the general scientific applications based on the comprehensive knowledge of both the nervous system. The system spanning through the several other branches of the nervous system including the central and the peripheral nervous systems are some of the areas acupuncturists are required to handle.

This is because of the fact that the insertion off the acupuncture needles and the resultant reaction of the body muscles is quite an intricate affair requiring such a deep knowledge in both general science and the body physiology.

The acupuncture training is therefore mostly based on the sciences and in some countries range from the junior level; training, degree and doctorate training. For instance, in the United States, the acupuncturist must pass certain exams which are mandatory for one to be admitted into the acupuncturist practice.

Acupuncture in some cases is done by medical practitioners in the other areas .these people are usually required to meet certain specific training requirements and must be holders of certain unrestricted practice licenses approved by the relevant bodies in charge of the practice in those regions and countries. The involvement of the South African acupuncture has been an eye opener to many South Africans in this field and the rest of Africa which has in effect made many to seek the opportunities found within the unique area of acupuncture. This is the turning point Africa really needed in this area.

The acupuncturists are thus in essence a regulated practice in most countries with the strictest training requirements. It is good for those who plan to join the practice to be able be astute students in science if they are to gain admission into the practice. The future seems bright for the overall acupuncturists if the training regimes set are well followed.


Radiation therapists in New Zealand


Radiation therapists in New Zealand

The shortage of people practicing the radiation therapy profession has made the profession to be seen as one of the most financially lucrative occupations in the sub continent. With the rising cases of the cancer attacks and the inability of the few available practitioners to be able to effectively handle the high number of patients, the need to train as a radiation therapist in new Zealand is an urgency.

With a lot of advancements in technology, New Zealand has good equipments in its hospitals and the few practicing radiation therapists are among the well paid in the globe. Like in the United States, the radiation therapists are highly recognized and have a specific career path to be able to be one.

According to the educational guidelines, one has to acquire one must study and acquire the degree of the bachelor of radiation therapy which is a sure sign that the government has formulated proper academic path for all those aspiring to become radiation therapists. Though no any other qualification is needed, the association of radiology therapists ensures that all those who practice in this country is well registered this enables them be able to track the membership.

One has to be well versed in the subjects of biology and physics to be able to become a radiation therapist. There are also other professions which are related and help radiation therapists in New Zealand in their daily endeavors to be able to serve the patients. These professions include the radiation oncologists, biomedical engineers, medical radiation technologists and diagnostic radiologists. All these names in one way supplement the work of the radiation therapists. The rise in case of lung cancer for instance has been attributed to the habit of smoking of tobacco 

With several job opportunities available in the new zee land, the radiation therapists in this country are all currently engaged and more are being sought for to help in the care and eradication of cancer. This has made the New Zealand a rich job market I for the expatriate therapists especially from the United States and other developed world whose fields in radiation therapy is congested by their many practitioners available.


Physical health dimensions-psychosomatics


Physical health dimensions-psychosomatics

The relationship between the body health and the mind could not have been brought out in a better way. Scientific research in the area has been going on for close to several decades. While the area is being explored, the belief that the body’s health and the well being of the mind are interrelated cannot be overruled at any time soon.

While this psychiatric field is concerned with the relationship between the body and the mind, it is not an illness by itself. It’s just the influences that are either physical or mental; this can be the result of sickness. The sickness involved here are usually neurotic, somatoform and stress related in nature.

The discovery by the medieval Muslim scholars of the interrelationship of the sound physical health and the mental health has really stirred a lot of public debate and controversy in equal measure in the psychiatric cycles .This is the reason why most of the psychiatric scholars have dedicated a lot of their time looking at the relationship.

The discoveries have been mind boggling and baffling with the manner of interrelatedness coming out as clear as daylight. This was found to be the reason why some physical problems could be treated using psychological means and vice versa.

The treatment of some disorders has therefore been found to have their basis on the psycho motor system, for instance the issue of stress is found to be  found to cause some body pains .to solve this one simply needs to eliminate the stress and the sickness will be gone.

Mental factors are found to cause several diseases and this has kept many psychologists looking at the major cause, the exploration of ulcer was linked to mental factors and not the organism it was originally associated with. This can be managed by putting the old person where there is interaction with others and keeping good diet.

The success this field has achieve is tremendous in learning how to manage the several cases of mental disorderd.ity has helped the development of physiotherapy which has been widely used in the treatment of several diseases .in the recent years, the issue of body behavior patterns has been explored to assist in this field.

Audiologist in Malaysia


Audiologist in Malaysia

The Malaysian educational system is among the ones with highly recognized academic programs in audiology. In the Islamic world, Malaysian universities provide comprehensive audiology courses tailored towards helping the ever rising cases of hearing loss. In this regard the three major universities offer the following audiology programs which well suit the job market, especially in the Islamic world;

      University Kebangsaan Malaysia- this is a public university based in the Bangi Selangor area which is somewhere south of Kuala Lampur. Like the other universities in the west, the university strives to produce graduates who are well prepared to face the numerous challenges facing the field of audiology and in particular the patients suffering from hearing loss disorders. The university believes that proper research policy guidelines in academia are important in the ensuring that audiologists remain relevant in the discharge of their duties.

      University science Malaysia-this is a research based university, public in nature like its colleagues which is involved in producing highly competent staff for the several hospitals in Malaysia. The university research network is so well choreographed to suit the needs of the patients with hearing loss disorders. This research has come handy in ensuring that Malaysia produces its own hearing aids suited for use in Malaysia.

      International Islamic university Malaysia-as one of the public universities in Malaysia, the Islamic university ins involved in providing tailor made courses meant to produce highly competent audiologists with the necessary skills t provide care, treatment and be able to diagnose the disease causing hearing and speech loss. The university also involves itself ion research on the best hearing and speech devices necessary in trying to solve the misery of the patients in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Apart from the training, the Malaysian society values the existence of several audiologists produced from these universities and this fact is reinforced by the betters working conditions for audiologists in several audiology practitioners in the Malaysian hospitals and clinics.

It is the above knowledge that makes Malaysia one of the prime destinations for medical tourism because of the huge attraction of patients seeking treatments and the students seeking admission into several audiology programs available.

A guide to Home Teeth Whitening products and Kits


A guide to Home Teeth Whitening products and Kits


Home teeth whitening methods involve purchasing prescription free teeth whitening products or kits, and using it at home by following instructions provided in the package. They are very popular, affordable, safe and readily available. One can pick up the best whitening toothpaste from any departmental store and obtain lighter teeth without worrying much about the effects of the ingredients. They come in a wide range of products including whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, breath or gum strips, trays and whitening strips.


Supervised teeth whitening process at a dental clinic includes the controlled use of peroxide and carbamide, tailored to specific patients. The dental personnel may administer the at-home treatments or the in-office treatments. Before the procedure, the dentist makes sure the patient’s gums are healthy and that there are no cavities that require filling.


Professional take-home whitening kits: This involves receiving whitening kits from the dentist. They usually contain high concentrations of either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The required results are achieved in 1 or 2 weeks. The custom made trays make sure that the whitening solution covers all areas of the teeth. They also prevent the solution from coming in contact with sensitive areas. The cost of the procedure is relatively lower than supervised whitening and is not typically covered by dental insurance. This procedure may not be suitable for people with weak enamel or hypersensitive gums. In such case, the person should either consider the in-office procedure or go for the best whitening toothpaste and other high quality over-the-counter whitening products.


Are home teeth whitening methods safe?

Both take-home kits (provided by dentists) and over-the-counter products have been confirmed to be safe and effective. When purchasing prescription free items, one must make sure that they are approved by the American Dental Association (ADA), and never overuse the gel, strip or toothpaste. When considering home whitening kits that contains bleach, it is advisable to see a dentist first as it may not suit everyone. Since bleach is a toxic substance, it can cause severe side effects if accidently swallowed or used incorrectly. Consumers do not however need to be extra careful when using the best whitening toothpaste, gel, strips or mouth rinse. They contain mild chemicals as ingredients. 

Disadvantages of being a critical care paramedic


Disadvantages of being a critical care paramedic

Critical care paramedics, despite the area of work have some of the most outstanding disadvantages. Though the disadvantages are found to run across the several cadres of the paramedic practice. Some of these disadvantages include:

      The lack of supervision- the critical paramedics must be able to work as a member of a team. Must be able to work without direct supervision. The lack of supervision usually creates a loop hole for laxity which if not monitored may become very risky to the career of the paramedic

      Risk of trauma- the work of paramedics can be stressful. Not for people who lose control during a crisis. Courage, dedication and assertiveness are assets. Some people breakdown and sink into the mental low causing mental disorder.

      Lack of personal time-the paramedics work in rotating shifts during weekends, and holidays. This has been known to make them have less social time for their families.

      Critical paramedics work both indoors and outdoors, in all types of weather, under adverse condition. This is really hard for the health of the paramedics.

      None paid work-Some paramedics are volunteers which gives them financial disadvantage.

      There is increased risk of injury and illness -Injuries can stem from ambulance crashes, violent patients or bystanders, emotional trauma, and lifting patients or equipment. Minor illnesses like influenza can result from patient contact and other communicable diseases like HIV, Hepatitis which can be contracted from needle stick incidents are also prevalent.

      Serious traffic risks- the paramedics are exposed to risk of air crashes and other accidental casers in the course of their duty.

      The cost of the paramedic class-it can be so hard to find time to take the critical paramedic class. This has made them educationally weak.

      It is hard finding a job or place to volunteer-the area of voluntary work has a lot of limitations in terms of finding where to work.

These diverse disadvantages make the work of critical paramedic to be such a risky affair if the paramedic is not very careful on the precautions. It is worth taking a good educational path before taking up the role of paramedic.